13 oktober, 2011

Blog moving

I decided to move my blog because I have a lot of trouble with blogger...
I will leave this blog open, but start over here

Blog moving

I decided to move my blog because I have a lot of trouble with blogger...
I will leave this blog open, but strt over at

My handcarved stamp collection grows and grows...

I realy love to carve stamps out of gum.
For my B'day I got this real nice carving set from Abig

These I made yesterday night when I was watching Lewis on TV.
And this is my big stash now... Not all are in because I gave away some...
But these are in my little suitcase...

I am hosting a handcarved stamp swap on Dutch swappers on swapbot.cpm
It's only a national swap...sorry...
A great tutorial about how to carve stamps you can find HERE

07 oktober, 2011

tutorial owl wedding wreath

I made this wreath for my sisters wedding.
The owls are made with the tutorial from B.D. Designs
I created two owls in marriage style using my husbands old colbert and my old white blouse for the wedding dress...
Than I used flower stapels to attach the owls on the straw-wreath.
I used lavender to this wreath and lavender colored ribbon. I hot glued the printed text that I first cut out and made some sherpes from... The rounding edges will do when you take a pencil and roll it up..
I used a laserprinter and photo paper. Its nice and glacy...stiff enough for this job...
Put some flowers on with hotglue and... Finished!
It took me about a little hour to make this.

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me and the past weeks

In the past weeks a lot have happened
on 26th of september Rolf and I had our 12,5 years anniversary!
We celebrated that with friend and family on the 1 th of october! It was an anwesome party... The weather was GREAT! It looked like summer...

I also heared that my job is stopping because of recession.
So I have to look for another job...
Shame because I loved my job as a youth coach!
I had a few swap these weeks and I've got real nice swaps back...

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11 september, 2011

wedding bells and more

The wedding of my sister was awesome!!!
I show you some great pictures...

23 augustus, 2011

Awesome bread!!!

Uit de keuken van (Arden -->) Levine: Een lekker ontbijtje
I made these Yummie little bread balls... The kids loved them and the room smells so YUMMIE!!!
Also made the rees bars I found on the web... I make them a little smaller in my mini muffin tin...

21 augustus, 2011

enjoy with me....

We are now home for a week. Tomorrow I have to go in the office again, but I promised you to share my holiday pictures! Well... here they come!

These awesome colored houses are on Ile d'Óleron!!!!

Me finding shells on the beach...
This is a famous place in La Rochelle...

And this was our place to eat, sleep and hang around...our caravan!!!
These colorfull flags are also from Ile d'Óleron...

18 augustus, 2011

About my holiday

I Found this version of Psalm 121 at you tube and loved it!!!

15 augustus, 2011

make'n soaps!


make'n soaps!, a set by FeltedChicken on Flickr.

Finally found a great tutorial for felt soap making!!!!

Home from france!!!!

Just wanna let you all know that I am back from holiday in france!!! We had great weather and a beautiful time there... Soon I will let you all enjoy with me as I show you the pictures and tell the stories...!!!
My garden is so awesome now!!! We have a great amount of apples and pears in the trees that are good to eat now... The picture is from three weeks ago... show you the one of this week in my next blogpost!!!