30 januari, 2008

scripturechalange 4#

I finished the challange for this week!
The scipture came to me quick but the layout took a while!

28 januari, 2008

Scripturechallange week 3

Oeps forgot to upload my challange for week 3! Here it is...

The paper is the digital paper from Rhonna Farrer that I printed out. It's officially pink but the scanner doesn't take the right color!( you can download it here; it's the second kit to download! Awesome goodies!)The other page I used the weekly verse and printed it on photopaper. I distressed the page with the Jim Holtz Ranger ink...the stamps are making memmories...Add some prima flowers, ribbon and velvet letterstickers...et voila!

20 januari, 2008

My holiday scrappings

Hi everyone, i am back again from France safe and healty!
Did some scrapworks during the holiday! Could not stand the scrapping....
made some lo's for the albums of the kids!

15 januari, 2008

scripture challenge #2

today I made my week 2 layout fro the scripture challenge of faith sisters. Yes even on the holiday I scrap! Whith a liilte of gear with me I Made the layout. My husband looked for the word, but did I know the verse? NO! What surprised me ...I took the same verse!!!

A new message from France!

Hello evryone! It's me again from the beautiful snowy FRANCE!
Today we made a skitrip from more than 2 1/2 hours. So beautiful! the weather forcast was not so good for today, but by big surprise...when we opened up the curtains, the sun was shining, there was fresh snow fallen... PERFECT!
I upload some pictures of today, so you can enjoy with us!

11 januari, 2008

greetings from France

Today in the late aftenoon we arrived at the hotel in France where we will sleep. Tomorrow we travel further to La Plagne. we had a good travel and our diner was small, but good. (Photo's of today won't be up. The card does not fit in the laptop...)
Tomorrow we will see what the mountains bring us...SNOW!!!!!!

09 januari, 2008


A real surprise today! The doorbaeel rang and a packet was deliverd! See here:
My scraptote Ally mini was there! I got it with my magazine of scrappen met foto's.
real cool that it's the pink one, my fav color.

Also upload some digital layouts:

08 januari, 2008

A new year a new challange!

The cover
The calender for 2008
My transparant layout

Faith sisters that's where I found this awesome challange!the scripture challange, my new inspiration for the year 2008!

Week One Challenge Word: Faith

What is faith? Why do you believe what you believe? Faith as defined by Webster’s is “1. unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence. 2. Unquestioning belief in God.” If you want to read the Faith Hall of Fame, read Hebrews 11. These men and women completely trusted God without needing proof of anything. ... Who or what is the object of your faith? Use the resources to help you.

Here's my first Layout. I used the size of an old agenda. The album will contain all the layouts for this challange. The cover is already finished and the first layout. Later on I will put my album togheter...

03 januari, 2008

Some small projects...


This paperbag album I just finished. It's the album I will use for my daughter Fien her b'day pictures... A lot of fun to make with all those colors!
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This is a Lo with an old scanned picture of myself!
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And last but not least...me and my mom!

01 januari, 2008

the last 2 cards...

It will be finished after these cards! The challange on the blog of Emily...
The prompts I had to finish where...

week 51: made me think of you.
is there something you see, or hear, or do, that makes you think straight away about somebody special?
Here's my card:

week 52: our final prompt in our 52 week art journal challenge is: ART.
there is just so much you can do with this one! let loose ;)

And this is what I find to be art: