15 oktober, 2009

Double dutch challenges

I found a great blog with nice challanges!
double dutch challenges
They have a great challange now DDC#29... perfect match!
I made this little matchbox for the challange! the size of the matchbox is 5 cmx 2,5cm! Funny to see how mutch you can puton a matchbox!!!!

I also made the memoboard as a goodby present for our nanny.
Fien is turning 4 soon and she will leave the nanny...
it turned out well with the little Tilda heart and I also made a picture collage of 4years of Fien her life! Fien will also make some art by herself that we will put on the memoboard!

10 oktober, 2009

A lot of sewing the past few days....

I finished a lot of my sewing projects! the two biggest... the farbenmix fee parka's for myDD!

I finished the little Tilda slof for Fien... i smallered the pattern...Also made the Tilda snowman with PJ's.

And I finished the first "Sinterklaas" present for my DD doll....

Sinterklaas is on december 5th, a national celebration where kids will get presents( sort off SantaClauuse at xmas in other parts of the world)<

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