31 augustus, 2010

Featured again!

WOW!!!! I was featured again on craftgossip with my pillowcase jumper tutorial!!!!
Such a surprise to see an email in my box...

As promised earlyer... the bread recipe.

625 gram whole wheat flour( 325 gram) and flour 300gram)
400 ml water or milk
15 gr fresh yeast or 12 gram dried yeast
1 teaspoon salt
a dash of oil ( I use walnut oil) or liqued butter

Put the flour in your kitchen machine and add the yeast. When you use fresh yeast first solve it in the milk or water. Best result is when you solve it in handwarm water.
Than add it to the flourmix and keep stirring. than add the salt and keep stirring.
Add the oil or butter and stir.
After that put a little flour on the mix and let the dough rise/swell for 40 minutes under a tea towel that you first made wet.

After 40 minutes mix again the dogh with your machine and repeat the riseing/ swelling part again for 40 minutes.

After 40 minutes stir it once again and take out the dough, roll it over and put it in a loaf tin or cake tin. dash a little flour on top of the bread and let it rise/ swell for 40 minutes under the wet teatowel again.
after that 35 minutes in a prea heated oven at 220°C.
To keep your bread fresh and nice store it in a dry teatowel and you have a great taste on your bread the next day!

26 augustus, 2010

It's show time again!

After a 3 weeks beiing back from France I have been working and creating! And I had to update all of you!
My parents came for a weekend and we went walking in "Barger veen" A beautiful nature reservate near by.
We had a great walk and made beautiful pictures.Ilove the spider!

Grandma and Fien walking hand in hand...

Grandpa and Emma...hand in hand!

I told you all last time my sister "D" is getting married! She asked the girls to be bridalmaids. A reaction from Fien: "I can't be aunty... my shoes are to smal and I can not walk on them, my feet are hurting in them..." She was SO serious and dissappointed! My sister told her she would get new shoes and a new dress, not the same as last year when my other sister got married! It was such sweet reaction and she was So serious on it....

I also created a lot again... First a little bag from a baby jeans! the elastic in it was solved so no use for it or... YES! It turned out te be a little bag!
Had seen cute bags of old jeans on a market in france and thought it was cheaper to make myself one ....

A friend of us is pregnant and will get a baby girl! Nice to know so you can make PINK baby presnets!!!! Here's my Bitty Boots pair!!! You can download the pattern for free on Heather Baily's blog!

i also made a skirt from an old skirt of myself...
aslo finished the library bags for Daan and Emma. Today they used it fr the first time...
Easy with the library card hooked on the bag so they can not lose them! and always have the card with them when they go to the library bus at school...

Last weekend Fien was at the Neighbours. There she had some great home baked bread. She loved it so much that I asked for the recepy. It was easy with a great result. This morning I made the bred and when Fien came from school she loved the warm home made bread!!!! Soon I will translate the recepi and share it...But first the picture of the bread...Shame you can''t smell it and taste it!!!!

well it's a long post but now you are udated!!! Hope to share again soon, when the girls wanna show their new made clothing...

01 augustus, 2010


We are back rom our holiday in France! Here some pictures to share with you...

We had a great time on camping les valades in coux et bigaroque
The perigord noir is a beautiful area to be! We have been in the france paper "Sud ouest" aslo!!!!
Lot's of day trips made and beautiful places seen! time flies! We are back in the Netherlands and life starts tomorrow at work!
29th of july my youngest sister called and had a great announcement...
She's been asked to marrie her boyfriend!!!! So romantic! he asked her at the house near Gordes that was used in the great and romantic film "A good year."

30th of july was my b'day at home!
I was surprised with beautiful earrings of swarovsky!
My parents in law gave me a beautiful hand bag of cognac colored leather. Selma sended a nice surprise a little keyring felt flower that I put on my working bag!
oh by the way... This is my summer eye catcher!My husband took this nice picture!

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