31 augustus, 2010

Featured again!

WOW!!!! I was featured again on craftgossip with my pillowcase jumper tutorial!!!!
Such a surprise to see an email in my box...

As promised earlyer... the bread recipe.

625 gram whole wheat flour( 325 gram) and flour 300gram)
400 ml water or milk
15 gr fresh yeast or 12 gram dried yeast
1 teaspoon salt
a dash of oil ( I use walnut oil) or liqued butter

Put the flour in your kitchen machine and add the yeast. When you use fresh yeast first solve it in the milk or water. Best result is when you solve it in handwarm water.
Than add it to the flourmix and keep stirring. than add the salt and keep stirring.
Add the oil or butter and stir.
After that put a little flour on the mix and let the dough rise/swell for 40 minutes under a tea towel that you first made wet.

After 40 minutes mix again the dogh with your machine and repeat the riseing/ swelling part again for 40 minutes.

After 40 minutes stir it once again and take out the dough, roll it over and put it in a loaf tin or cake tin. dash a little flour on top of the bread and let it rise/ swell for 40 minutes under the wet teatowel again.
after that 35 minutes in a prea heated oven at 220°C.
To keep your bread fresh and nice store it in a dry teatowel and you have a great taste on your bread the next day!

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