25 april, 2008

Scripture challange 14&16

This weeks word was His Presence!
Patter had used the qoute of Max Lucado. It's such a strong one that I wanted to use it too!My scripture for this week is the same as in acts, but in the Psalms it is a little longer...
"You have made know to me the path of life you will fill me with joy in your presence with eternal pleasures at your right hand. Psalm 16:11"

I used the design of Marieke Vermeulen again aswell as I did in Emma's Lo!
I also finished week 14: COMFORT...
I used the scripture Isaiah 49:13
"shout for joy. O heavens: rejoice.
O earth: burst into song.
O mountains! For the Lord comforts his people
and will have compassion on his afflicted ones

Colorful printables!

Marieke Vermeulen has some awesome freebies on her blog she herself designed! They are so colorful and sweet that I had to use them!!! The result is great as I may say so...The design was as cute as these funny pictures of Emma. These where from 2005, and I never could find some paper with it, but now...I am pleased!
Thank you Marieke for these printables!

23 april, 2008

more flowers...

I have it! Making flowers is so cool! Have to try more variations of flowers and than I will use them on a lo! Here are my latest creations.
Today is such a beautiful day here in the Netherlands! Lovely sunny day, real spring feelings! I hope summer will come soon. I am so looking forward to our holiday. than we can use our new caravan! Don't have pictures yet...My mom asked me to make a wish list for my birthday in July... Well do you have tips please let me know!!! I already have a long list but cool idea's will be great! What's your favorite scraptool or what do you recomend me!

HAs someone ever used this thing????Cutter Bee Piercing Bugs Rotary Tool

22 april, 2008

How to make your own stamps...

I looked around on this blog and WOW!!!! This is awesome! How to make your own stamp!!!
Awesome, now I can make any kind of stamp I look for!
thanx for sharing Petra!

I did it!

In the latest scrap was a page about crochet. Those lovely flowers... My mom helped me to learn and now...I made my own! yesterday night made a few, but Yes there will be more... a new passion??? Maybe!?!

13 april, 2008



My mom mailed me some old pictures last week.They have a little thing to scan negatives and make a digital from it.
All pictures I turned into the same color black and white... I printed the paper from the great digital kit
Colour your world of raspberry road design. I used a lot of embellies I already had. So much fun to make a low buget album. For this album I used an old cardboard babybook.
At flee markets or just at the libarary you can find cheap cardboardbooks...

12 april, 2008

Great freebies

If you look for some great digital freebies Look here

07 april, 2008


Yesterday I made a try out version of a word book. I don't have cutting programms for it so I made this by hand! What short word do you chose...?
Papa (daddy). I do not often scrap my husband, but now he has his own mini album whith him as head person! today I covered it with embellies, photo's, paper etc...Used small ieces of papers I had saved! The album is not so big it's about 10 cm long in totalnd 6 cm high...
So much fun to make! Selma has done one at er blog... She inspired me to make one. Have to try her methode when I have more time...

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06 april, 2008

So cool!

I found this site by surfing on the net...So cool especially those papers!

Two digi's

These two digitals I made of myself...I love this picture I made by selfportret!The second is Swanky paper of Raspberry road design.
I was looking for some elemenst to printout of my digital record...And had some inspiration for these!
The first Lo is basic grey paper scanned....

This morning in church we had a wonderful messgae! there are 2 people who want to be baptised and 11 people who wants to become a memeber of our church!We have a goal set for 100 people by summer...Sometimeswhen you dream big and bring it to God He will bless your askinggs...That's what we do see happen in our church. We are so glad that God gave us a place where He's the Host! Where we can find His presence....Where we can be brothers and sisters!!!!
God is so working in people these days! Awesome to hear all different testemonies of those people. Last week there where 5 new memeber and this week 2... AWESOME!God cares for people! He doesnt want us to live and die...but He has a purpose for eternaty!!!

05 april, 2008

Weekend again...

It's alreay weekend again. After a whole day training I came home and...started scrapping!New paper, new inspiration. Last Friday I was at Linda's scrapparadijs She had so many beautiful paper...YAMMIE! Had to buy new stuff!When I came home from work the new magazine ceatief met foto's was on the door mat! Whay to much inspiration in it again!!!!!And with those new papers....
Here's my lot...

This layout is a summerlayout for Emma's book. I used the Basic grey elementary paper for it. I printed the Title on paper and cut out a piece to put onder the Title...Some 7 gypsies paper to fill up...some felt flowers and blingbling...This is the result!