06 april, 2008

Two digi's

These two digitals I made of myself...I love this picture I made by selfportret!The second is Swanky paper of Raspberry road design.
I was looking for some elemenst to printout of my digital record...And had some inspiration for these!
The first Lo is basic grey paper scanned....

This morning in church we had a wonderful messgae! there are 2 people who want to be baptised and 11 people who wants to become a memeber of our church!We have a goal set for 100 people by summer...Sometimeswhen you dream big and bring it to God He will bless your askinggs...That's what we do see happen in our church. We are so glad that God gave us a place where He's the Host! Where we can find His presence....Where we can be brothers and sisters!!!!
God is so working in people these days! Awesome to hear all different testemonies of those people. Last week there where 5 new memeber and this week 2... AWESOME!God cares for people! He doesnt want us to live and die...but He has a purpose for eternaty!!!

4 opmerkingen:

butterfly zei

Geweldige Lo's. Fijn die berichten uit de gemeente.


Knutselfreak zei

Mooie LO's en je hebt weer flink ingekocht. Lekker is het dan om er gelijk mee te beginnen...

XOXO Selma

Scrap Evangel zei

You did 2 great lo's with this photo. In the 1st one, I love the colors and the unique artistic style. In the 2nd one, I really love the verse that you chose.

Puck zei

Wow, God really is at work. I pray your church will see your dream come true. We're praying for growth as well and see God work in Maastricht as well.
God bless and have a wonderful Sunday.