28 augustus, 2009

Some more sewing...

Wednesday I found this super cool colorbag tutorial made by Anjeanette !
The girls loved it!!!

Today we had Emma's b'dayparty! Will show you pics later...
We have made little aprons that the kids made a drawing on with textile penns. SUCCES!!! After that we made the little cake hearts with marshmellow fondant! It works sooooooooooooooooooooo good, the kids loved the taste and mamma also! Parents of the kids loved the result and Emma.... She was really having her b'day! She had a lot of presents and mom and dad... they enjoyed, because Emma enjoyed( but wat a babbleing of those kids!!! All 4 and 5 year olds...)

26 augustus, 2009

Busy me??? Why busy when you have fun!?!

I just finished a skirt with the Violet grace pattern. I love this easy and well fitting pattern for my girls!!! it takes less then 1 hour to make one by now... so... just try it!
It's already a winterskirt... And that while the sun is still hot!!! LoL!

Next week Emma has got a birthdayparty and a usual I made a little girly bag! It turned out as I hoped and even more beautiful! The colors of that fabric... I love them!!!
Today I tried to make fondant for Emma's B'day party next friday!
Looking over the internet I found a great tutorial how to make Marshmellow fondant! And it tastes YUMMIE!!!!
it turned out great!

for the dutchies: I used about 3 boxes of powdersugar and 30 big marshmellows bought by Super de boer... for the crisco i used margarine, rub it over your hands and on your working place...I now have about 800 gram of fondant!

The results of the little cakes I will show after the party!

21 augustus, 2009

Why I worship...

I was looking on Elsie's blog today after a while not visiting...She had another awesome Youtube film on it... That's exactly Why I worship!!!
Just take a look and see for yourself...

19 augustus, 2009

Holiday time is over....

After 6 weeks holiday for the kids, school has started again last monday!We had a great holiday tme... We first went to germany to Legoland after 3 nights we traveled along to Austria to Hermagor, where we spent the rest of our holiday! I brought my scrapstuff wth me but wasn't as prductive as last year!
Last weekend I also made the invitations for Emma's B'day party.... What will be the theme??? I don't know ;-) LOL!

My parents came last weekend. My mom is busy by creating the bridalgirl dresses for my sisters wedding in september. My girls are bridal girls at the wedding!So the girls had to try their dresses and shoes!PHOTOSHOOT
Before summer holidays started I had a sewing sprint... here some of my creations!!!!
1. My super easy tunica...
2. the bag for my mom...
3+4 bracelet for myself
5. skirt for fien by Grace violet's tutorial
6+8 Emma's birthdaydress
7. kitch kitchen plastic bag made by me!
9. kitch kitchen plastic scrappaper organizer

I made this baboushka for my colleague her babygirl...

Today I had to go to the hospital with Emma for a quick operation of her nose and throattonsils.
What a big girl!!! I am so proud of her! Now she sleeps and I can blog some...