29 november, 2009

Beautiful emma

Yesterday it was "Sinterklaas" party on my husbands work.
Sinterklaas was there with "zwarte pieten" all the kids got their present!
There was also a make up artist! She made the beautiful butterfly on her face!


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24 november, 2009

I showed you all the awesome skirt of used sweaters. Yesterday night I made one myself for Emma! used a sweater that was bought very long tme ago by my sister and that I took over and was on the attic for i don't know how long...
But now i't's a skirt! Today she was wearing it to school and all moms where talking about it! So much fun!!! The collar is the waistband...

21 november, 2009

Owl bag and more....

The first is for Aukje and the second for ourselfs....

Yesterday night I started making an owl bag.I had seen it by googeling on the internet at Ellen's blog the long thread.com
Here you find the tutorial.I used the same base, only did not put the sides in the bag. The first one is for my daughters friend, she will turn 6 next week and emma has to go to her birthdayparty!
Mama loved the result sooooooo much that I made one for ourselfs also!

I also found a great idea on the internet!!! Just look:
I found it at magpie This fabulous skirt is made from scraps of sweaters...will see what I have to use!!!!!

20 november, 2009

little angel

At christmas the girls will be angels in the christmas play in church...
i made little angel wings the first are ready!
These are from the great tilda book: Winterwonderland
Fien just loved to be an angel already.

I will show some pictures of my home made barbie birthday cake... fien loved it!

08 november, 2009

some little projects are finished...

I made a little tilda bear! The bear is a present for a little baby... I love the way the bear turned out! So sweat!!!

This afternoon fien and I made her lampion for Sint maarten next Wednesday.
She made a little ladybug from a 0.5 liter plastic bottle...
She was so happy with it, that she was walking with it all afternoon. she almost took the lampion to bed...LOL! She 's so full of her birthday next Tuesday( november 10th) She will turn 4 than!!! First day at school!! Wow time flies. Not a little girl anymore!

04 november, 2009

A lot to tell

From 22 until 24 th of october Rolf and I went to Paris!!! Just the two of us!
Awesome time we had and such beautiful autumn weather!
I was totally bushed after the few days, but enjoyed it so much!

We have seen most of the highlights! And... had our favorite coffe... STARBUCKS!!!

After quite some walking we found a Starbucks and had to go for a moccachino coffee with a chocolate cupcake!!! HEAVEN!!!

I also bought the Tilda book Noel...That's the book with the cutie snowman in it...

Fien has said good by at kindergarten. She goes tos chool next week whe he is turning 4 years! I made a treat for the kids in her class with a mini muffin and a hankey... The kids loved it! She also made a tea for one pot with ceramic paint for her teacher.

For my mom I made the little Tilda slippers.

Today I had great inspiration for sewing. I made a balloon skirt for Fien and a dress for her! The dress is from ottobre( the same pattern as the Roos 3019) I made a winter vesion of the summerdress pattern!
Remeber last summer, I made one for Emma...