24 november, 2009

I showed you all the awesome skirt of used sweaters. Yesterday night I made one myself for Emma! used a sweater that was bought very long tme ago by my sister and that I took over and was on the attic for i don't know how long...
But now i't's a skirt! Today she was wearing it to school and all moms where talking about it! So much fun!!! The collar is the waistband...

5 opmerkingen:

Bridget zei

Your skirt looks amazing! I love the waistband, I can't wait to make one of my own.

♥ Knutselfreak ♥ zei

Oh wat een schatje :) Wat ben je toch weer creatief bezig.

butterfly zei

Crea hoor en apart!

else zei

Gezellig rokje zeg!
Heerlijk warm.

Hilary zei

LOVE your blog.....you have some very unique items.
One critique, I hope you don't mind...the pink writing is awful....very hard to read.
No offense.