11 februari, 2011

Some great ideas

As I was looking at the WWW. and fore that I use google a lot:-) I came up with some great ideas that I will share with you all.

This cutie you can make yourself with the tutorial you can find at whipup.net It's created by Jodi from Pleasant home Aslo a nice blog to take a look!!!!

Splitcoasters has a great tutorial for a handmade giftbox, easy but nice!

At seams of live I found the awesome colored granny afgan that Heather made. It inspires me to make a larger project to crochet!!!!

I loved this one as I saw this!!!! It's already cut now only have to sew....
Retro romper tutorial at sewing in no mans land

07 februari, 2011


Finally after some troule with blogger i have acces again!!!!
I created a lot last weeks...

Noa's dress is finished and she was wearing it proudly as prinsess on her b'day!!!
it looked great on her! I also made her a little heart notebook Wanna now how to??? look here
I also made a little bracelet from handmade beans created from paper.

My son had a kids party from a friend. he wanted me to make a special gift for her. he had a great idea: "Mom, make her a toiletry bag." And so did mom. We created a personalised bag filled with great girly stuff.. Charlotte LOVED the bag!!!! She thanked me the sunday after at sunday school!!! So great to see kids being happy with special made gifts!!!!

Inspired by the awesome work of bykris I created these cuties!!!! The card for the baptising of our friends... and a little notebook for myself...toooo cute to give away sorry!!!!

Aslo received my awesome januari vossenjacht swap!!! THANX Sien

Well next time more creations and new bento stuff!!!!

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03 februari, 2011

have tubbles with my computer

because of troubles with my computer i cannot update my blog. I am now blogging on my phone
not relly great but