30 april, 2011

easter at school...and more

The kids had their easter celebration in church with school. Emma was a cat in a little play... Here some pictures of her outfit... Yes mommy had to make her a cat outfit!!! Our friend Bertus had painted her face...soooo pretty!

I received my ribbon swap... The ribbons are great!!!

At Allemaal kleurtjes there's a can challange going... This is mine... "a little vintage" I will call this one...

I also made a present for Thom..a new born baby...
This is my cookbook swap for rozemarijn

29 april, 2011

great idea's...

New Uses for Shoes | Real Simple
I love this saw this on Kim's blog....and clicked to the site where it was on...

22 april, 2011

Chris Tomlin - Our God is Greater

Great songs found on you tube...

This song I first saw and heard at Bless she has a great blog to visit
here some other great numbers of pureng!!!

My favorite number at this moment!!!!
I love the sound and the words sooo much!!!

19 april, 2011

What i received and sended from swapping and what I found on th www...

This is what I sent to to Studiokakelbont

This is the bunny swap I made for mazzeltje

I received my softieswap a little while ago.. Now I stuffed the softie and can show this cutie!!!I received mine from Roosje.Isn't she cute!!!!Thanx roosje!!!
This is what I get out of the pass it on packet...

And Nikki sent me this for the bunny swap... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lovely!!! Thanks nikki I love this one!

And the first part of the ribbon swap I received this week!!! So cute how they where stasshed...Madeliefste sended them to me, Thanx for these cuties Madeliefste!!!

This is soooooooooooo easy but such a cool result!!!!
I found this super simple quilting tutorial!!! I tried this and hounest... it is 10 minutes and it is simple with awesome result!!!

17 april, 2011

Disneyland Paris and...swaps!!!!

The weekend of april1st we where in Disneyland Paris!!!
We had a great time there...Here some of the 900 pictures I took!!!!

This picture is taken by Fien, our youngest DD!! You also can see my infinity scraf that I made out of 4 sleeves of two sweaters! I also made two skirts for the girls of the shirt... Pictures will follow soon!

I made these things for the scavenger hunt for april. I had to use some words and link it to the things I made.

These are the two out of 3 cupcake swaps... the 3th I forgot to take a picture of....
These swaps I received! The scavenger hunt came from Kimminata It's also her picture I used, she had all things great pictured!!!
This cupcakeswap came from SaschaThis swap I received from Esther

Bowina's swap I also received and the softie swap from Roosje... But had no time to make pictures yet... next time!!!