19 april, 2011

What i received and sended from swapping and what I found on th www...

This is what I sent to to Studiokakelbont

This is the bunny swap I made for mazzeltje

I received my softieswap a little while ago.. Now I stuffed the softie and can show this cutie!!!I received mine from Roosje.Isn't she cute!!!!Thanx roosje!!!
This is what I get out of the pass it on packet...

And Nikki sent me this for the bunny swap... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lovely!!! Thanks nikki I love this one!

And the first part of the ribbon swap I received this week!!! So cute how they where stasshed...Madeliefste sended them to me, Thanx for these cuties Madeliefste!!!

This is soooooooooooo easy but such a cool result!!!!
I found this super simple quilting tutorial!!! I tried this and hounest... it is 10 minutes and it is simple with awesome result!!!

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