31 mei, 2010

Thing I found on the internet...

Melissa has an awesome giveaway on het blog!!!!

Knofje has a great tutorial how to reuse old crayons....

At tea rose home you find a great tutorial agin for a summer dress/ tunica...
Create a family silhouette

My Family from WiddlyTinks.com

12 mei, 2010

Tutorial Bag organizer

I made myself a bagorganizer. No more bags in the room on the floor...

I have tried to make you a tutorial...My fisrt one...

Tutorial bag organizer
Printable version of the tutorial you can find here

What you need…

• Strong fabric ( I used curtain fabric)
• clothes hanger ( I used one for children clothes)
• sewing machine

Measure the hanger

and cut the right shape...

and make a little seam at the top

Seam the sides and the curved sides of the fabric so you clothes hanger will fit in it and hold the fabric well.
Seam the smaller fabrics that will make your holders for the bags. Size them for your own bags!!!

Them pinn them on the large babric and sew them... I let the first overlap the second and so on...
If you like make some applicé on the holders....

And this will be the result...

Good luck with it!

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04 mei, 2010

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02 mei, 2010

Yes, i am still there!!!!

The girls love to create, just like mom!
On a free wednesday aftrenoon we started a using op scratch of fabric!
I draw a heart, the girls glued fabric scratch on it and voila! Great result!

On thurseday emma went to look for her violin teacher and hear what size of violin she will need... She starts playing violin finally after almost 2 years waiting...
She was so exited!
20th may she will have her own violin and her first lessons!!!!
We will see if she likes it. As she does...after the summer holiday she will go on!

And mama... She created also....
A round towel for using in our caravan

The skirt for myself!!!! I love this one... it's linnen with cotton fabric... awesome to wear!

and at last...a sneek on my picknickblanket... not finished yet... but soon I will show you the finished version!