26 mei, 2011

a lot to tell...

I have a lot to tell you! last weekend we had our first weekend with the church; connect weekend! It was great! On saturday daan turned 10 years and our friends Bertus and Anette had their 12th anniversary! dubble party! I also gave my workshop to 10-15 women. We started our first card for the deck of me 2011-2012. Some said they where not creative, but al the cards turned out great! I started a new blog for the deck of me. so if you want to join... hop over HERE
Every week I post a new theme for the card and show you my card. After 52 weeks you have a deck of me with beautifull cards that tell something about you...
What you need... a stash of cards. I used playcaards for the same size.
so each week i will post my little card from that day, and a prompt for you to use if you need it. but anything goes! please post if you have any questions, and if you feel comfortable link to an image of your card that week,it is possible with mr linky... Let's inspire eachother and grow in creativity!!!
here some cards of the women that joined the workshop:

01 mei, 2011

See Le Sac Dress and 1000's of others - or share your own on Cut Out + Keep

Like, love or adore retro????

Do you like, love or adore retro????
Then you have to see this!!!!!
Studio Soil... a just started webshop with awesome things... They recycle, sell and have awesome ribbon and fabric!!!
Now there is also a great giveaway....