31 augustus, 2008

I can't believe it!!!!

Today we had our first healing service in church with Orlando Bottenbley. He had such a great Word! So much stuff to think about! It was so awesome to see that there were so many people in church today! many new faces! It was awesome to hear that a lot of people descided today that they would give their life to Jesus!
New bro's and sisters!

Today I also received an email of faith sisters!!!!
This is what it said:

"Dear Miranda,

Thank you for submitting your application to join our team. We received more interest than we thought we would and it was very hard for us to try and only choose only 10 ladies to help us out with our challenges.

I would like to let you know that we have voted you in as a Challenge Creative Team Member to represent Faith Sisters. We loved your layout and feel you would be an asset to our community.....Congratulations!

All My Best,
Karma Holoboff

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
- Hebrews 11:1
This is my layout!

YES!!! TANHK YOU LORD! You are awesome!!!!I am speach less... Now i am an official designer! But not by my own...God gave me the talant and I hope many people will be tod by His creations and the outreaching that I want to do with my talent!

30 augustus, 2008

a new layout hybrid!

This awesome kit is a digital...
I printed out the papers and embellishments.
The brown paper is a big paperback.
rounded my picture and wrote down a scripture verse...
Real easy, but I love the effect.

( This picture was insiration less...but now I used it

28 augustus, 2008

I post my CT layout!!!!

On the site of faith sisters you can find the challage layout for the CT call!!!
Please go there and leave some comments!!!

I am so exited on this! Here are some sneek peeks...

27 augustus, 2008

new layouts...

Yesterday I did some thing outside the box!!!
I bought myself UGG's!!! after 3 years thinking will I buy them or not I finally went to the dealer shop and on monday afternoon they got the new delivery of them so lucky me!
After I tried them...I could not resist them! Like heaven on your feed!!!! I already love them! But if you deside to buy them, be carefull only buy them by an origginal UGG dealer! There is a lot of fake on the internet for example!

I didn't have much mood to do something after I have had a chair on my toe this afternoon. It hurts!!!! but digital scrapping...okay that takes of my mind of the pain!

I found this great thing of hapy scrap arts!

21 augustus, 2008

About last week...Designer call...and more...

I did it... Faithsisters Has got a designer call on their blog and in the newsletter.
I thought about it, put in mapplication, and now desided that I would take the change! I now hav wait for the application challange!!!!!I can't wait!!!!
I put it in Gods hands. If it is what Hehas in mind fme it is okay and I will be in. If it's not then it's also okay. Then He has got other plans for me!

Last week I also got an email of someone in our church. She asked me to cooparate in a drama act!!! How could she know that in my aptitudetest Drama is in for 85%!!! I only told our pastors wife! But she did not tell her! Is God the one who told her???!!

We are goining to do this play! It's such a statement!!! I love t only the thoughts about this for our service on 19 october! Than we havethe theme service 2glorify!

Tonight my dad was calling. It was so good to hear his voice! The blood pressure is going down a little. He has had some tests and now we hav to waitfor the result...
Please pray with us that the doctors can find the couse!!!! Pray that Dad will have rest in all of this. For Mom that she can hold on and do not forget to take rest for herself!

love Miranda

20 augustus, 2008

mom and dad

Last night my momcalled me. "please don't be scared,but Dad is in the Hospital."
Well, I got scared...his blood pressure is to high and his heart is going to fast!

He's in good care in the hospital, but my mom really needs some support! So please post her some good wishes and prayers!
if you want to sent a card let me know, so I can collect the cards and send them to my parents!

Love Miranda

16 augustus, 2008

credit to Lizzy!

Lizzy makes beautiful papers! I used one of her papers for this layout of Fien!

13 augustus, 2008

This one is a favorite now...


This layout is from Emma. She was just about a day old. I used different BG paper and some embellies and ribbon. Love the simple look on this one!
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my holiday creations...

During my holiday evenings I used the time to scrap! Didn't had much with me but enouch to create! It's so fun to use all the things you only have with you and be creative with that what you have! take the DARE!!!!

1. Fien always have so much funny names for allday things...I created this layout for her so we can remember them! I enlarged the Magnolia stamp end made a paperpiercing on the layout. Around the PP I wrote the silly things...

2. These layouts are for Daan and Emma's album...still have a dosen of pictures to use!!! Also made some layout

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3. This one is made for Emma. She was about 2 years old on this pictures... Used BG paper... for Emma with pictures of this years holiday!!!

4.This dubble layout is a "sinterklaas layout for Daans album.

11 augustus, 2008

First school day!!!

Emma had her first dy at school today!!!
She enjoyed it so much that she was asleep tonight in 5 minutes!
Here some pictures at school.
* Emma at the door to the class.
* Emma greeting her teacher( Yes oit's a man! Cool isn't it!!!)
* Emma's chair
* Emma in her classroom

10 augustus, 2008

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Back in town again!!!!

Hello everyone, I am back in town again!
We had a wnderful holiday in France. We have been to Lourmarin down in the Provence!
All days sun, seeing beautiful things, getting a year older for Emma and for me!
More than 700 pictures... Started a travel journal...did some scrappings!

Tomorrow will be the first day for work again... :-(
But also a high light in Emma's life! SHE WILL GO TO SCHOOL FOR THE FIRST DAY!!!!
Will let you know how she had it...with four years old she is no longer a todler but a pre-schooler!!! Time flies!
Here I will shair some of my favorite holiday pictures...