13 augustus, 2008

my holiday creations...

During my holiday evenings I used the time to scrap! Didn't had much with me but enouch to create! It's so fun to use all the things you only have with you and be creative with that what you have! take the DARE!!!!

1. Fien always have so much funny names for allday things...I created this layout for her so we can remember them! I enlarged the Magnolia stamp end made a paperpiercing on the layout. Around the PP I wrote the silly things...

2. These layouts are for Daan and Emma's album...still have a dosen of pictures to use!!! Also made some layout

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3. This one is made for Emma. She was about 2 years old on this pictures... Used BG paper... for Emma with pictures of this years holiday!!!

4.This dubble layout is a "sinterklaas layout for Daans album.

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