15 februari, 2010

My finger knitting result!

Yesterday I talked to my mom on the phone. She told me about fingerknitting kids in church!
my mom took a quick corse from those kids and had to tell me about it. "maybe it's great for the kids.."
I looked at Youtube as she told me to find a tutorial.. I think this one is the best!

a href="">
And see... this is my result. i used 3 yarns for this result. 3 different pink yarns...


13 februari, 2010

new creations for this summer!

Again I had to sew for the coming summer time! It makes me happy to sew with all those colorful fabrics for the summer!

I used the tutorial of tea rose home Only using summer fabrics!!!!
She also has a great tutorial that is featured on u create. You can read more about the giveaway on her blog tea rose homeTea Rose Home: The Big Surprise is...?

I als o made a table peace wit the tutorial from the tilda book I bought!
It turned out great! Only I used old cider bottles instead of glass for a candle...
The Tilda dolls are almost ready so that what you have to wait for!

The top for Fien is also finished! The tutorial for this top you can find here. It's the same as in my earlier post!

10 februari, 2010

Tilda summer ideas!

I have the book! In english! Love it!!!!
Soon i will show you my doll from this book!
By the way I ordered my book at" de handwerksite"

04 februari, 2010

New stuff...

I am completly crazy about summer stuff...
I started to create new autfits for the girls..
Here are some of the already finished summer cloths.This one is made by the pattern Gracie by Sandi Henderson.

The teckle apllication is from the free pattern by Ottobre you can find it on their blog or site

This is the tunica I made by the awesome pattern and tutorial kirsten made.
I used the awesome fresh Stenzo fabric... emma wears it with the trousers my mom made last summer for her... It is PERFECT matching! Shame it is no summer weather yet! I think I will make one for fien also!

This is a birthday present for Ditte, Emma's fiend who has her b'day party next week.
I started the tradition of giving something selfmade with her birthday last year, so for a year now I make handmade presents and they ask me now for it... Ditte told Emma she wanted something I made... Now it is the artbag I have made... I also created some little girls bags...I can show you the one for Fiens friend. She had her birthday party yesterday...and loves the Tilda bag.The first is the one for Noa.

At last I created these head bands. the pattern and tutorial came from Larissa's blog THEY WORK!!! I am comlete crazy about this simple solution!!! In about 15 minutes you finish these covers for your headband... I found some real cheap ones that fit great, but are not the right color! So Problem solved!Now I cut along with the fabric for the summer outfits covers for the headband!