24 juni, 2010

Sewing today and the days before...


This is Emma's birthdaydress. She was trying it on today and loved it!
I love the fabric choise! It's stenzo fabric and the pattern is from Portabellopixie

This little navydress is recycle stuff! I used an old poloshirt of myself, it was almost new, didn't fit well to me... So I took an old dress off my DD and traced it for the pattern... Some ribbon and a aplliqué...voilá!

This is my first fused plastic bag -bag...
I found this tutorial and had to try! I still had the lovely bird plastic bag and found it great to use! It's soooo cool t redo and repurpose things!

These dresses are the invitations for Emma's birthdayparty!
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22 juni, 2010

Tutorial soap hanger

I just found out how to make a quick and easy soap hanger.
Nice little gifts for a teacher, mom, friend....mine will be teacher appriciation gifts. The kids will go to school for only 3 more weeks so... Time flies!

Here is what you need:
- nice block of soap (I used marseille soap)
- a rasp; use the small part
- some water
- ribbon, wooden, glass or any kind of beads
- a sillicon mall; I used ice cube makers from Ikea!

Scrap some soap off the blok

Drop a little( really a drop) water to the soap and mold it with your hands until it's a ball that feels like clay... It has to have that much water in it that you can put it into the mall...press on well and make the surface shiny with water on your finger....

Take the soap out, be carefull it cracks easy!
than make the form shiny with water... It can be bumpy if you did not mold it well enough.

Take a wooden pin and slowly pull it through the soap so you get a hole...
Now you can use you soap beads and create a hanger....Be creative!!!!

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18 juni, 2010

Hello it's me again!

Ravenhill has a great giveaway! She is sooo talented in making cute things....

Yesterday the girls had their woodday at school. We went with a horse car into the woods as indians! I made the girls an indian dress that they loved for that day!Mom was with them as a helping parent so I took these cute pictures. Only I was so bushed last night...that I was hanging on the coutch and watched tv. But also made these cute bracelets...during the moviewatching...
Yes I know always busy!

I love to make these cute flowers and do not have the inttention to stop!

When I was at the market this morning I bumped in to this cute bag! It's a fuchia colored bag, my favorite color! I knew it was so much a "ME" bag that I had to buy it, and it was only €12,50! SOOOO cheap! The kids are so much enjoying there trampoline! My father in law called me last week that he had boght Emma's b'day present already... It was a Trampo!!!! That weekend we had o pull it together and they jumped around al time!

09 juni, 2010

Pillowcase jumper tutorial

After thinking out a pillowcase jumper for Fien I made one...
And the result is great!!!! and so thouhgt Fien! I also created a bracelet to her ourfit and she loved it!
And... I tried to make a tutorial...and you can download a printable version!

Pillowcase jumper tutorial

printout version here

Take a good fitting trouser
Fold it leg to leg.
Put it on paper and trace it.

Measure the length of your girl from sholder until between her leggs.

Draw the length that you miss in right length to the top of the trouser and use a bowl to create the armholes. Put it to your trouser pattern on your paper. It will look like this ( see picture) Fold your fabric and put the paper pattern on it. Cut it two times! One for the front and one for the back.

Stich the right and the leftpart on the pink line togehter. Now you create a front and a backside

Close the leggs in the middle. Stich the pink line at both parts so there will be a left and a right part.

Close the sides...

Now your pillowcase jumper will be like a jumper.
Make a tunnel as wide as your ribbon is at the top of the bodice part and stich it nicely.
Then put the ribbon through it with a saftypin.
If you like make a ruffle at the end of the leg.

Et voilà!
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