29 januari, 2010

I found it!!!!

as I came by the awesome site of Sandi Henderson i was stunned by her awesome designs and patterns!
I Loved these dresses and jumper so much that I decided i would buy the pattern... As I looked around I came by the website of Willemijn, her store... She sells these beauties in the netherlands!!!!! That ment a lot to me, because I could start soon.
And I could start soon!!!! Two days after ordering I had the pattern at home!
Now I am almost finished... Only finding the right buttons is hard...
But summer that still far away! So do have some time!

20 januari, 2010

it's me again...

emma has got her swiming diploma ! On january 6th she had to go for it and she did it!!!!Today I was busy with the 2th evening of the course I will give next monday about becoming a diciple of christ!
I found this beautiful song on you tube! it's exactly what we are going to talk about... the cross and that what Jesus did for us!


I recently made several things...

this summer top is made by the great tutorial I found here

A little Tilda bag from the book winterwonfderland, a little bt smaller as the actual size in the book....

This bag i made for my course of the discpile... to take all my stuff with me...

This is a little polly pocket cozy for emma... now she can take polly pocket with her and it also has a little bed on the cosy!
inspired on this tutorial! and this post

02 januari, 2010

Happy 2010

I wish all of you a blessed and happy 2010!

Today a lot of snow has fallen again! The kids enjoyed it...

I also finished my skirt for Emma...The tutorial you can find here at tea rose home.
It's so much fun to make this beauty!

I also made this medaille for Emma. Next Saturday she has to swim for her diploma A. I made this for her afterwards!

Found one like this only in different colors! I made it in more girly colors...
Also created some broches and hearts....