29 juni, 2011

summerheat, party and creations!!!

Daan and Fien had great fun on the surfboard in the water behind our house!!! Great way to cool down in the past days!!! Yesterday it was up until 35 degrees celcius!!!
Emma also enjoyed the swimming and the waterpistol!!!

6 meters of great linnen at het goed!!!!

A handcarved stamp for Emma's friend tim and a handmade noteblock...
I created a slingbag for Ilona at dutch swapers for the goldmine swap... We had to go and find great stuff a the thrift store for €1,50... You could create soimething from it...and I had to!!!

And down here is what I received...a lot of vintage style buttons and other stuff from Irina Thanx!!!
This is my 10 year old son Daan! A great picture taken at his birthday partie for his friends.
We had a great tima making soap bottles! I ordered the packet at Jojoli
We had a great time and all the kids received a soap diploma and have taken their own made soapbottle home.in a pimped paperbag!!!

15 juni, 2011

some creations I made ....

I love to make handcarved stamps out of earasers! They are cheap to buy and awesome to work with!!! I made this robot for my sons friend. My pile of stamps is growing fast.. soon I will show you more of them.
I also did a few swaps again.

High tea swap:

vossenjacht mei:

At the teachers birthday celebration the kids gave their teachers a jar of home made jam. I made some cute deks and... labels on it with my handcarved stamps!!! They loved the gift. The fruit is coming from our own garden...so really made and let grow by me( and my heavenly Father that makes my fruit grow!!!)

I also made a grab dress for the fancy fair of the new school where the kids are going to after this summer. they go to the first evangelical basicschool of the North of the Netherlands! EBS De fontein starts in september. We had a fancy fair to raise money for some play ground climbing stuff on the square of the school.

I had a table with all kind of handmade stuff to sell. some cute elastics for girls hair, dolls, handbags, totes etc..
I still sell these things for this good purpose so if you are interested, just let me know or head over to my webshop!

This is made for the vossenjacht of june... I made a picknick messangerbag that is lined with insulation so it willl keep stuff cool! I think it turned out great! Gonna make myself one for this summer!!!

Biggest flashmob ever - Dutch Christians encourage Japanese (long)

Last weekend from friday until monday we where on Opwekking! A dutch conference where more than 60.000 people come to seek God, sing together, camp togehter and Praise our Father in heaven!
There where 18.000 campers on the place!!! Awesome!
On Saturday there was the biggest flashmop ever, that's this little film about!

We had a great time as a family. The kids had their own program