29 juni, 2011

summerheat, party and creations!!!

Daan and Fien had great fun on the surfboard in the water behind our house!!! Great way to cool down in the past days!!! Yesterday it was up until 35 degrees celcius!!!
Emma also enjoyed the swimming and the waterpistol!!!

6 meters of great linnen at het goed!!!!

A handcarved stamp for Emma's friend tim and a handmade noteblock...
I created a slingbag for Ilona at dutch swapers for the goldmine swap... We had to go and find great stuff a the thrift store for €1,50... You could create soimething from it...and I had to!!!

And down here is what I received...a lot of vintage style buttons and other stuff from Irina Thanx!!!
This is my 10 year old son Daan! A great picture taken at his birthday partie for his friends.
We had a great tima making soap bottles! I ordered the packet at Jojoli
We had a great time and all the kids received a soap diploma and have taken their own made soapbottle home.in a pimped paperbag!!!

4 opmerkingen:

butterfly zei

Whow wat leuk nog even wat foto's op de valreep te kunnen bekijken.
Super dat linnen. Heb je al plannen?groetjes, MAM

Kimminita zei

Dat linnen! Om bij te kwijlen zo mooi! Dat wordt een prachtige zomerjurk voor jezelf o.a. ;)

Knutselfreak zei

Leuke foto's van de kids. Heerlijk als ze zo genieten van het zomerweer. Je feestje was zo te zien zeer geslaagd. Binnenkort met Emma weer? Alvast een fijne vakantie.
Liefs uit Rotterdam

Anoniem zei

how wonderful and lucky to live right by the water!!!! looks like great fun! teri@giddy