25 februari, 2008

some new layouts...

After a hard working day tonight I found some rest in scrapping. I made the new scripturechallange page for this week with the word "TRUST".
I also made some pictures of the lately made layouts. It's so busy with al kind of things that I did not had time or made time to make pictures of them.
Now I did so you all can enjoy them!

16 februari, 2008

Round layout

I love those round maps from pagemaps.com!
They inspire so much!
I made this one with the great kit from raspberry roaddesign again!
The stamps I used are making memories and October Afternoon clear stamps collection 2007! Those are so cool! The big flower comes from the Hema, there they also sell big flowers for cheap prises! I bought the blingbling alphabet at Blokker these 2 shops are tipical dutch!'

15 februari, 2008

some selfportrets...

LAst week I made these selfportrets....
But in the future I can make more...cause for valentines dy my hubbie gave me a remote controle for my camera.

12 februari, 2008

scripture challange #6

I already finished my scripture challange fr this week!
I used the beautiful digita kit from raspberry roaddesign.
The kit is called: Mocha Love collection! Awesome!!!!
Thanks and credit to Susan!!!!
I printed the paper with the color laseer printer, so the paper is very usefull for layouts!
Added felt for the big brown heart and some beans...Used some sticker letters and my favorite making memories stamps flowers!

11 februari, 2008

Faith discovery challange 1,2,3...

At faith sisters there is also another challange running. When I read those parts I GOT INSPIRED! I started with the family lagacy layout... but when I read further I have to do the others also! So this year two challanges!

These layouts are 16,5cm x 16,5 cm The album comes from action! Cheap but fancy!
Here are the 3 finished ones!

Our little girl...

Our little girl is growin'up so fast! I found this picture from march 2006!Such a sweet little baby by then! Now such a sweet lillte girl with a strong own will, talking to me, make funny jokes on her own way...WOW TIME FLIES!!!!

09 februari, 2008

scripture challange #5

Today I finished my weekchallange for faitsisters...
The scripture I took is about God who doe snot change!everything tha is good and perfect is coming from Him! Just as our kids...my family...He gave it to me...
Behind the picture is a card with a quote from Reinhold Niebuhr...It's in my agend for ea few months now...And yes...This is the place it has to be for shure! Not always I understand changes that are in my life. I cannot change everything and have to accept that!But the things i can change I have to... God made me so clear that there are ways to walk that i never dared to, but now hhe lets me do it! And it gives me so much wisdom!!!!