26 januari, 2009

i am here again...

After having the flue for one week and getting on my feet again I am still not well enough to do a lot behind the computer!
My back is hurting and I have therapy for it now.
i just show you a little card I made, because a lot of scrapping is not in it as well...So I hope I can publish once in a while because 5 minutes computer is my maximum at the moment...

04 januari, 2009

happy 2009!

At first i all want to wish you a happy and blessed 2009!!!
yesterday and today i was creating my iceskating minialbum for my DD fien.
I used the gorgeous paper of cosmocricket Honey and pie!
Awesome colors with the camel brown cardstock....
I printed the pictures in sepia... And those elements come from Yin.Her digital kit brownpaper pakegaes... AWESOME!!!


My mom made these princess dresses for the girls! the now are real prinscesses!!!