25 juni, 2008

Daans mini album


I made this mini album for Daan!
I used the great paper of basic grey. It is 2 side paper so great to use for an album...
I put all kind of pictures of him inside the album. Pictures that are recent taken.
mostly he doesn't want to be pictured... But these are really great!
He is special so he deserves a special mini!!!!
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16 juni, 2008

New layouts!

Have an old shoebox full of old pictures, so I have to do quite a lot of scrapping...I have done quite a few new layouts!!!

Emma loves to do the same as we do. here she helps ironing while I was ironing!

Used also my new stamp that Kirsten made! The one I won!!! Thanx Kirs...
An easy layout with a beautiful result ( if I may say so!)

This picture is made last summer. So much fun they had bro and sis!!!

This layout is quite an oldy! Well not the layout but these pictures! Daan was about 2,5 years old ( now he's 7!!!) Shame on me to let it take so long to scrap some pictures!!!

these pictures also lay to long...Only the layout king kid is a recent picture!!!! Have to crick up my layoutproduction!!!! So if you have some inspirational ideas!!!!

14 juni, 2008

Some new digi's& a birdy

I made two newe digital layouts.
One of daan and one of Fien.
While I was doing thes a little Bird bumped to the window and sat down at the border.
So sweet to see him sit there and watch me making these LO's than he flyies away...

03 juni, 2008

New inpiration...

On the site of "Alles telt..."I saw this great layout. The challange is to use this layout as inspiration for your own .
Well, the inspiration was there!!!
I made the lo for Fien. The picture is changed with picture it 7.0 and I printed it.
I distressed the picture with ranger and some pink old stamp pillow. I made the borders of the picture rough by getting over with my finger when the ink was still wet. Than after it I took vivid ink and browned the borders.
for the basic of this layout I used lollypop pink 12"x 12"paper and cut the borders.
Then i copied the start page out of my my gariboldi musicbook. Also distressed the paper and teared the borderders. I also copied music papers out of the book two sided. Cut 6 big rounds and 6 small ones.Put the 6 big ones on top of the 6 small ones. Staple them together so they will be on the right place. Then cut in the edges and curl them up. Distress the edges with ink or paint.... compose the things togehter and... the result: