11 februari, 2008

Faith discovery challange 1,2,3...

At faith sisters there is also another challange running. When I read those parts I GOT INSPIRED! I started with the family lagacy layout... but when I read further I have to do the others also! So this year two challanges!

These layouts are 16,5cm x 16,5 cm The album comes from action! Cheap but fancy!
Here are the 3 finished ones!

3 opmerkingen:

Knutselfreak zei

Weer een geweldige challenge. Je hebt het er maar druk mee.
Liefs, Selma

butterfly zei

Mooi hoor. Trouwens, wat een mooie foto van jou. zeker van de wintersport

Puck zei

You've been busy. But what a wonderful outcome. I pray God will keep you inspired all year long.