18 juni, 2010

Hello it's me again!

Ravenhill has a great giveaway! She is sooo talented in making cute things....

Yesterday the girls had their woodday at school. We went with a horse car into the woods as indians! I made the girls an indian dress that they loved for that day!Mom was with them as a helping parent so I took these cute pictures. Only I was so bushed last night...that I was hanging on the coutch and watched tv. But also made these cute bracelets...during the moviewatching...
Yes I know always busy!

I love to make these cute flowers and do not have the inttention to stop!

When I was at the market this morning I bumped in to this cute bag! It's a fuchia colored bag, my favorite color! I knew it was so much a "ME" bag that I had to buy it, and it was only €12,50! SOOOO cheap! The kids are so much enjoying there trampoline! My father in law called me last week that he had boght Emma's b'day present already... It was a Trampo!!!! That weekend we had o pull it together and they jumped around al time!

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Ravenhill zei

You already make gorgeous fowers! Thank you so much for helping me to spread the word about my give away! I really appreciate it!

Have a lovely and creative weekend!
hugs from Emily