21 augustus, 2008

About last week...Designer call...and more...

I did it... Faithsisters Has got a designer call on their blog and in the newsletter.
I thought about it, put in mapplication, and now desided that I would take the change! I now hav wait for the application challange!!!!!I can't wait!!!!
I put it in Gods hands. If it is what Hehas in mind fme it is okay and I will be in. If it's not then it's also okay. Then He has got other plans for me!

Last week I also got an email of someone in our church. She asked me to cooparate in a drama act!!! How could she know that in my aptitudetest Drama is in for 85%!!! I only told our pastors wife! But she did not tell her! Is God the one who told her???!!

We are goining to do this play! It's such a statement!!! I love t only the thoughts about this for our service on 19 october! Than we havethe theme service 2glorify!

Tonight my dad was calling. It was so good to hear his voice! The blood pressure is going down a little. He has had some tests and now we hav to waitfor the result...
Please pray with us that the doctors can find the couse!!!! Pray that Dad will have rest in all of this. For Mom that she can hold on and do not forget to take rest for herself!

love Miranda

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Je@net zei

Congrats on the design call and I hope your dad gets well soon!!
Have a nice weekend!!

Essie zei

Congretz on the design!

Good luck with you dad. I hope he is feeling better by now and everything turned out okay.

Lot of love,

o and by the way, I decided not to leave blogger-land after all. Just changed my blogger name, new design, new colors, etc.