27 augustus, 2008

new layouts...

Yesterday I did some thing outside the box!!!
I bought myself UGG's!!! after 3 years thinking will I buy them or not I finally went to the dealer shop and on monday afternoon they got the new delivery of them so lucky me!
After I tried them...I could not resist them! Like heaven on your feed!!!! I already love them! But if you deside to buy them, be carefull only buy them by an origginal UGG dealer! There is a lot of fake on the internet for example!

I didn't have much mood to do something after I have had a chair on my toe this afternoon. It hurts!!!! but digital scrapping...okay that takes of my mind of the pain!

I found this great thing of hapy scrap arts!

2 opmerkingen:

Manon Keir zei

wow, you got yourself some aussie ugg boots!! Good on ya :)

Can't wait to see the rest of your LO for the DC... looks great as far as i can see... good luck!!!

Essie zei

Wow! love you new boots. I'm sure they're made for walking.....

Love, es