02 mei, 2010

Yes, i am still there!!!!

The girls love to create, just like mom!
On a free wednesday aftrenoon we started a using op scratch of fabric!
I draw a heart, the girls glued fabric scratch on it and voila! Great result!

On thurseday emma went to look for her violin teacher and hear what size of violin she will need... She starts playing violin finally after almost 2 years waiting...
She was so exited!
20th may she will have her own violin and her first lessons!!!!
We will see if she likes it. As she does...after the summer holiday she will go on!

And mama... She created also....
A round towel for using in our caravan

The skirt for myself!!!! I love this one... it's linnen with cotton fabric... awesome to wear!

and at last...a sneek on my picknickblanket... not finished yet... but soon I will show you the finished version!

5 opmerkingen:


Wat leuke stofcreaties allemaal! Kan me voorstellen om in jullie caravan extra gezellig te maken. Wat ik ook graag doe met onze boot.

scraplfs Kirs

Je@net zei

Wauw, wat zijn jullie samen creatief bezig geweest zeg. Ziet er allemaal even super gaaf uit!!

Megan @ Little Bella Bean zei

Wow! You are busy creating! How wonderful!


Jill and Michelle zei

Thanks for visiting my blog. You do some great crafts with your kids!


Chris zei

Love the hearts with your girls. The blanket is looking great.