21 november, 2009

Owl bag and more....

The first is for Aukje and the second for ourselfs....

Yesterday night I started making an owl bag.I had seen it by googeling on the internet at Ellen's blog the long thread.com
Here you find the tutorial.I used the same base, only did not put the sides in the bag. The first one is for my daughters friend, she will turn 6 next week and emma has to go to her birthdayparty!
Mama loved the result sooooooo much that I made one for ourselfs also!

I also found a great idea on the internet!!! Just look:
I found it at magpie This fabulous skirt is made from scraps of sweaters...will see what I have to use!!!!!

2 opmerkingen:

♥ Knutselfreak ♥ zei

Wauw..wat een leuke tas, maar wat een werk. Daar zal ze wel heel blij mee zijn.

Je@net zei

Wat een gave tas, super joh!
En dat rokje is ook al zooo leuk, succes ermee!!