04 november, 2009

A lot to tell

From 22 until 24 th of october Rolf and I went to Paris!!! Just the two of us!
Awesome time we had and such beautiful autumn weather!
I was totally bushed after the few days, but enjoyed it so much!

We have seen most of the highlights! And... had our favorite coffe... STARBUCKS!!!

After quite some walking we found a Starbucks and had to go for a moccachino coffee with a chocolate cupcake!!! HEAVEN!!!

I also bought the Tilda book Noel...That's the book with the cutie snowman in it...

Fien has said good by at kindergarten. She goes tos chool next week whe he is turning 4 years! I made a treat for the kids in her class with a mini muffin and a hankey... The kids loved it! She also made a tea for one pot with ceramic paint for her teacher.

For my mom I made the little Tilda slippers.

Today I had great inspiration for sewing. I made a balloon skirt for Fien and a dress for her! The dress is from ottobre( the same pattern as the Roos 3019) I made a winter vesion of the summerdress pattern!
Remeber last summer, I made one for Emma...

3 opmerkingen:

butterfly zei

De pantoffeltjes zijn lekker warm en worden veel gedragen. Leuk hoor je creaties.

Je@net zei

Wat een leuke foto's Miranda! Wat zullen jullie genoten hebben, heerlijk!
En wat een leuke traktatie, nog gefeliciteerd!
De pantoffeltjes voor mams zien er ook errug lekker warm uit!

THEA zei

Leuk hoor Parijs !!! Dat is genieten!

Ik wil er ook steeds nog een keer heen, is al weer zo'n 18 jaar geleden!!

Fijne week,groetjes Thea