29 maart, 2008

Déjavu and more...


This one is called Déjavu because Emma does the same thing as I did when I had the same age as her on this photo!
My parents where one day shopping in a shop for furnuture.They went looking and when the clark of the shop opened a door of a drawer I came out...
When we moved to the nord of the nethrlandsin 2006, we stayed for one month at a summerhouse... There we had a kitchen with these drawers... emma got into it when I was cooking... So funny to see the same things come back...
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These other layouts are from xmas 2005; daan was helping to decoratethe tree!
One of mont saleve of last summer...
One of Emma in summer 2005, so much fun her in the bucket of |Sikkens. ( this is an old paint bucket of my father...) We didn't have a baby bath with us for one night on the campingplace where my parents stayed!
The other one is daddy playing with the kids...for Emma's album.
Have to catch up making the album...about 2 years behind now!!!!
2 years ago I printed 1.000 pictures to scrap! Now I still have a lot of pictures to scrap! Most layouts are clean and simple, but some do take a lot of time! Not evey day as mutch inspiration....
Have a wonderful weekend every1!



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Esther zei

You have been busy again. Love your new LO's. Especially the one with Emma in the cupboard. Love it when kids do there misschief. So great to confront them with later. hihi.

Love, es

Puck zei

Love your work. It looks really great. And I find it fun to see kids (or nephews) doing the same thing I used to do :)