23 maart, 2008


That's what we do remeber and celebrate today!
Jesus did rise up from the dead! He showed Himself to a lot of people that witnessed and confessed that He was really risen!

He Is Risen by Greg Olsen depicts the following Bible story:

As she wept outside His tomb, Mary Magdalene was the first person to whom the resurrected Christ appeared. Radiant in the early morning light, His hands and feet scarred from the nails, He stoops to comfort His friend:

"On that first Easter morning, the Risen Lord, Himself, reassured a sad and questioning Mary Magdalene that He is real and that, yes, He lives!"
-- Greg Olsen

As i was looking for beatiiful pictures of easter I fund this super cool picture!!!!!

I love this one! there is a great website to it.

After we got back from church we put on our older cloths and went to the forest in Meppen. It was such a beautiful day! the weatherforcast told it would snow...oh no that was really not right! We had a lovely little spring sun that was even a little warm every now and than! Other parts of the Netherlands really had snow! We did not!

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M@risk@ zei

Wat een prachtige foto's en schitterende layout in je post van gisteren.

Knutselfreak zei

Mooie foto's en wat worden ze alweer groot! En je hebt ook weer prachtige LO's gemaakt...
Fijne Paas Maandag...

Liefs, Selma

Puck zei

Hoi, zo te zien hebben jullie een geweldige Pasen gehad. Prachtige teksten trouwens de afgelopen dagen en natuurlijk zijn je LO's ook geweldig! Groetjes Puck

butterfly zei

Mooie foto's.We miss you all.
lovexxx mam

Esther zei

o, I love your pictures. There are so great.

Have a wonderful week
Love, es

Ana Baird zei

Beautiful pictures!