01 mei, 2008

Life and death next to eachother...

New life is born this week! Not once...but 4 babies are born!!!
Friends of us have a son ( their 5th child), my brother in laws sister has a boy,
People in our church have had a son and my college teener leader in church have got a daugther!!!Oh... God is so grea to create new life!

We also eaceived a terrible message this week. Our old dentist died after he was walking his doggie on friday night. A car hid him and lateron he died, only 51 years old! Such a contrast! New life at the on site and death on the ther site...We know he is with our Heavenly Father, but still, for his family...aweful!
Our prayers are with the family!

Today my mother in law had her birthday. So we've been there all day! We enjoyed theday. The kids had fun together and the adults ad good chats.
After a busy day I had to scrap. This time a digital one of Emma. When I was looking in my digital documents I found this gorgeous quickage. So cool with the colors of the picture!

5 opmerkingen:

Knutselfreak zei

Helaas liggen een geboorte en de dood dicht bij elkaar. Ik had het in de krant gelezen van de tandarts. Verschrikkelijk...even ontspannen je hondje uitlaten...
Gelukkig gaat het met de rest wel goed.
Fijn weekend alvast.
Liefs, selma

butterfly zei

Mooie Lo van Emma.

Karen L zei

Gorgeous layout - such a beautiful photo too.

Puck zei

Hey, I love your LO. The colours are so nice.
It's good to know God is in control over life and death! god bless!!

Je@net zei

Leven en dood liggen inderdaad erg dicht naast elkaar...zeker als je het dan zo van dichtbij meemaakt!

Wat een prachtige digi lo heb je gemaakt!