19 mei, 2008

A lot has happened!

After a while silence I am here again!
At Whitsun we were at Opwekking. We enjoyed our 4 days stay there! We had our last trip with our old caravan! Now we cleaned it and took all our stuff outof it and have to bring the caravan away. Then in June we will get our new one!!!!For those of you who are curious, some pictures. It's not the same fabrics we have choisen...

The plan let you see how the caravan will look on the inside!
We also did a lot in the garden! Our borders are filled with plants now! Awesome to see how the garden changed!!!!So beautiful to see new plants grow and let their beauty show!

Our youngest one Fien has had her first day at the playgroup last friday!
She was so easy on it! I brought the girls ( Emma is in the same class) and she waved me bey... After all she wanted to go so hard!
We bought her a new back to put her stuff in! A Diddl one! So cute to see her wear it!

2 opmerkingen:

butterfly zei

Mooi hoor, die nieuwe caravan. We hopen dat jullie er veel plezier mee zullen hebben. De tuin ziet er ook weer prachtig uit. En dan onze Fientje...fijn dat ze het zo leuk vindt. groetjes en tot vrijdag, pa en ma

Knutselfreak zei

Allereerst bedankt voor je leuke scrap-spullen. Ook Naomi vond het helemaal geweldig. Je caravan ziet er leuk uit. Ik hoop dat jullie er veel plezier mee zullen hebben. Wat gaat de tijd toch snel...Fien alweer naar de PSZ. Fijn dat ze het er naar haar zin heeft. Maar wat wil je...bij je grote zus in de klas!
XOXO Selma