29 mei, 2008

some digitals after a day....

Today I went to the office. it´s 2 hour and 30 minutes by train. i love that way of trsavvel nomally. I can do some work in the train...But today...I DON`T LIKED TRAINING!
The traveling back was awefull! I had a 4 hours and 35 minutes travel back home!!!! The lightning had stucked and there was no train traveling between Amersfoort and Zwolle. so we had to go over Deventer, take then the train to Zwolle... Well if it could not be worse! On the route toDeventer there was a defect on the signs so the train stoped for 15 minutes, then we could travel and someone found it funny to pull the emerency stop handle! We stoped and it took several minutes again for we could go... So it was hot, crowded and no fun to travel by train this afternoon!
So now I had to cool down... I made these digital lo´s to relax!
for the lo's down I used the same base... so much fun to see a different result with the same page...

3 opmerkingen:

butterfly zei

Oh super Miranda. Vooral die van Emma vind ik mooi. laatste is ook super.Trouwens die Waar heb je die bloemen etc vandaan?
mama Butterfly

Knutselfreak zei

Gaaf! Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt.
Liefs, Selma

Puck zei

Sounds like a horrible traintrip. The delays is what I don't like abount riding the train :( But your LO's turned out just wonderful!

God bless.