14 juli, 2008


I received an award from Erika!
Now I have to nominate 7 blogs. Not that easy, because a lot of blogs I visit are so great! But I've selected these blogs, they are all great and they are inspiring me!

My own Butterfly
The first one is for my mom...she found rel pleasure in digital scrapping and makes such beautiful things!!!
mom this one is for you!

Manon Keir
she makes such beautiful layouts! And now she also is on a designer team!!! So good for her and this award rewards her talent...

Marieke Vermeulen
She inspires me so much to go utside my own style!!! She's a great designer! Glad she back again!!!


you make such beautiful things....

Jen hall
because you make me smile when I visit your blog!!!! You have such a special style that gives me good mood inspiration!

this one is yours! You deserve it so much!!! You make so stylefull in your own way great projects!!!

You make such b'ful things and has such an own style! The other projects at MiMoes...GREAT job on it!

Congrats you all, take the award and put them on your blog and nominate 7 more blogs and leave some love on the blogs!

5 opmerkingen:

M@risk@ zei

Wat een leuke verrassing op mijn blog. Dank je wel voor je award. Ik zal 'm in mijn volgende blogpost zetten. Fijn weekend alvast.

butterfly zei

Leuk hoor een Award voor je moeder.
Bedankt. Zal hem proberen door te geven

Manon Keir zei

thanks heaps!! So lovely to receive an award :)

~Nancy~ zei

Congrats on the award! WOOHOO! XOXOX

Anoniem zei

Thank you so much for the award, that's really very kind of you!!