03 september, 2008

news update...

This is my photo as a creative teammember at the Faith sisterforum

I can't believe it still... But it is so cool! Hope to meet you all there!
Some new things come over the weekend. because they are presents to my mom. Just send her as much happy b'day wishes as you can!!!!
she has her b'day on september 7th!
And because she already found the digital lo I made for her, I now can show you...
this was mom when she was about 2 or 3 years old!!!! Cuty!!!! she still is!

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butterfly zei

Hij is echt leuk. Ja als jij vraagt om op de site van faith te kijken weet je dat je meoder dat gelijk doet en dan ontdek je wel eens wat!Ik wens je verder veel inspiratie and love XMAMX