17 mei, 2009

A lot to show...

After a moment of silence I have a lot to show you!
At the start of may we had a short holiday... i took my scapstuff with me and yes...I made ome new layouts!but those i will show you later on!
i also have made some new cloths and so for the girls..
That's what I will show now!

this Top is not Roos 3019! it's the pattern in ottobre summer 3/2009! it's exact the pattern of roos 3019! only i made a top of it and not the dress. that will come soon! I love the pattern, but it's hard to get the roos pattern...Now I found one with great shoulder couvering caps!!!
I also made farbenmix Anna again in two different ways! first for fien the blue striped one, some bit shorter as the first dress. now it's a tunica!
The flower made of the same fabric...i have made it on a hair elastic and gave it as a present to the girl next door on her b'day!

this little bag is a free download pattern from ottobre! i love thes cuties and made this one for the girl nextdoor as a present...she loved it!
Emma also wanted a dress Anna by farbenmix, so I made her this one!

And finally i made a cute haircap for emma. I see them a lot in the store, but not the right color or... So I made one!!! And Emma...she loves it and wants more of these!I also made one for her friend, she was sooooo pleased with it!

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butterfly zei

Wat een eigenwijze blik van Fien! Leuke creaties hoor!xOMAXMarja

♥ Knutselfreak ♥ zei

Je bent weer lekker bezig geweest...Het zijn super leuke creatie's. En met een echt fotomodel.
Alvast gefeleiciteerd met de verjaardag van Daan.