07 december, 2009

the week has started again...

A new week started again!
Sinterklaas has left Holland and now we can make the house up for Xmas!
The kids had all their presents for Sinterklaas...

So happy they where with all they've got! My girls loved their baboushka's I made for them... only they think sinterklaas made them... LOL! what a trofees,not only at home, but also at daddy's work, mommy's work and at grandpa and grandma's house...
Mama got cute clear stamps, stazon ink, and a bias maker... Awesome gifts!!!

Grandpa played Sinterklaas and had a friend to play Zwarte piet!For those of you who don't know Sinterklaas just look HERE!

Grandpa sinterklaas and his friend Zwarte piet

It was a great week, but I am glad it is over now....
I also made my sister a tilda doll for her birthday! It´s an angel in brown... Found myself a new way of doing hair on a tilda doll and I love it! I use whool instead of the expensive tilda hair!!! a knot of whool is about €0,99 and I can do so many tilda dolls with it I can't figure out how many but ... a lot!!!!!
I love the way the doll turned out. It is also the first one with a sweater!!!!
Hope she will love it as much as I do!?!

4 opmerkingen:

butterfly zei

Tjonge wat zijn ze weer verwend door de sint!. Leuk hoor je Tildapop en babuska's.Tot vrijdag, Mama

♥ Knutselfreak ♥ zei

Zo te zien hebben jullie ook een heerlijk avondje gehad. En zelfs de Sint op bezoek!
Bij ons is nu ook alles in kerstsfeer.

Megan @ Little Bella Bean zei

You made such beautiful gifts! How do your Christmas traditions work over there? Does Santa come before you decorate for Chrismtas?

You seem so wonderfully creative!!

Blessings =)

Megan @ Little Bella Bean zei

That is really neat how you seperate Santa and Christmas, and enjoy sinterklause first, then Christmas.

We try to focus on Christ for Christmas also, our kids know Santa isn't real, and we just have fun pretending.

Thank you for sharing your traditions with me!! It is so interesting to hear how someone on the other side of the world does it!