17 november, 2010

a very large post this time!!!!

This neckless I made for Selma.
At my Dad's b'day we saw eachother again! She made me a great 2011 calander( I used her pictures!!!)It was our PIF present to eachother....

I also made this sweet bodywarmer for Fien... I used the pattern you can get on madame ZsazsaDaan made a pillow for his best friend with textile markers... Mam made a pillow and he had an awsome present just because they are friends...

This is the inside....
A lot of presents are made these weeks! b'day presents for friends of our girls... gelpenn rolls! one for Julia and one for Aukje!

My friend Miranda became mom again of a daughter this time! I had to make a little reversable dress for her! I made a real dutchy dress in red,white, blue and orange for her little princess!!!

Last week Fien turned 5 years!!! On wednesday it was her b'day and she had her treat at school. We made cute and Yammie bread hedgies!!!!
Here is the how to.... at thurseday it was Sint maarten and all tthe weekend it was fiens birthday party with family... And... at Sunday she also had to swim for her diploma B and she did it!!!!
A collage of her b'day and swimming...

5 opmerkingen:

Homemade by Nancy zei

Dank je! Jij bent ook goed bezig geweest! Leuk zeg, vooral je ketting vind ik super!!!

butterfly zei

Wat een bedrijvigheid. Vooral voor Fien was het heel veel spanning en emotie. Groetjes, Mam

Knutselfreak zei

Ziet er allemaal weer geweldig uit. Je blijft ook maar bezig, hé!
Knap hoor van Fien, haar B-diploma...gefeliciteerd.

Je@net zei

Ziet er allemaal weer leuk en lekker uit!!

marije zei

zo da's lekker snel, net 5 jaar en dan al B!! en wat vind ik al je kadootjes mooi! ik vind je kalender ook prachtig!