10 januari, 2011

me, my bento's and other cute things...

Last friday daan and I had the Yummie bento filled with pasta salad!!!! It was really Yummie!

The recepi I found on leukelunches.nl
I found so much great idea's there that i printed out all the ones i loved, and bundled them in my own Bento lunches book...The paper are laminated so when you are working on the bento you can easy whipe the pages clean! Also handy for the kids...They love to chose from the book...

Last week I received my swap from my swappartner Roosje... STUNNING!!!! I have received so much and such beautifull stuff in the envelope...THANK YOU!!!!

This is my swap that will be in the mailbox of.... it's my vossenjacht for January!


2 opmerkingen:

Uniflame zei

It is good to see that more people are making bento! Keep it up! :)

butterfly zei

Wat ben je weer lekker bezig. Leuk dat bentoboekje. Mag Rolf ook kiezen wat hij in zijn trommeltje wil?Je haakt er ook lustig op los zo te zien. Oefening baart kunst.
Hoorde dat je Aad en Diana nog gezien had.groetjes and hugs Mam