03 januari, 2011

so cool!!!

A few weeks ago I was reading an artikel at the blog tea rose home about bento's. I did not know what bento's where,but had to find it out for myself...Sachiko told her stry about bento's in her yought, but that is not what my kids would eat at school...
It fasinated me so much after googeling out for bento's... What effort people took to make those beautiful bento's!!!! but how could I make bento's with real dutch food...
I found the blog of bentobabe
That's what I was looking for a good blog with good dutch inspired food for my kids bento's! Some tips and idea's I used to create the first bento's and... WITH GREAT SUCCES!!!! The kids loved it. So much fun to hear those happy stories and see the faces that said:"yummie mommie, when do we get a next bento???"
Now I wanna show you the result of my bento's. Tomorrow they will get a bento to school all 3! After xmas leave from school a nice filled bentobox( I use their bread boxes that we bought in legoland! They are great because tey are deep!)

Tomorrows bento's, just finished them...

For nice tips and great idea's for bento's just look at:

leuke lunches
bento babes

just bento

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Knutselfreak zei

Ziet er goed uit! Dat wil ik ook wel naar mijn werk meenemen. Maak je ze alleen voor de kids of ook voor jullie zelf? Is wel een hoop werk, maar het resultaat mag er wezen...jammie!

butterfly zei

Wat een verwennerij! Ziet er leuk en lekker gezond uit. Mam