10 maart, 2011

Lots of fun

Look what we have here... Fien has got her glasses now! She is soooo proud to have them! When we went to the shop last week to seek for a nice pair of glasses, she had deffenetly her own taste... Lucky for mommy that I liked them too and daddy liked them also!
As we where finished, we went out of the store and she stoped:"Where are my glasses now???"I had to tell her that we have to wait aboout 1 week and then we can pick them up... She talked about her glasses all week and today was her moment to get them!!! She put the pink ones on and kept them on!!! Just see taht little face....

I made different bento this week...The first is our Yummie pasta salade with Loads of garlic in it...The second and third have pita's filled with a corn, grilled pepper, cucumber, creamcheese, italian herbs, garlic and salade... Yummie filling.

A present for Emma's friend. a little toiletrybag

5 opmerkingen:

butterfly zei

Wat een leuke brillen, ze passen echt bij Fien. Opa vindt het wel even wennen., dikke kus voor allemaal,xopaxoma

Ellie zei

That pasta looks great! My kind of meal! Thanks for stopping by and entering the giveaway!


Knutselfreak zei

Ah...wat een schattige meisje. Het staat haar echt goed. Ze lijkt ook wel een stukje ouder nu met die bril. Je bento's zien er weer uit om te smullen.
Alles goed met jullie?

Anoniem zei

Wat ziet dat er lekker en lief uit!

Chris zei

Her glasses are lovely. My daughter got her first pair earlier this spring...it was life-changing!