07 september, 2008

New creations...

This weekend we spend with my parents. My mom had her birthday today! Yesterday we went to the world haven day's in the city of Rotterdam. A great event every year again with big shis, demonstrations on the water and more.
We went there yesterday with the kids and my dad.

It was so funny... Fien was taped by RTV Rotterdam. Today they broadcasted it on tv.. So our little one was walking by on telly!

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This lunchbox I made for my mom. I found the great idea on camilla´s blog! She was also so kind to send me an email how to create these lovely boxes!!!

here is her discription:
hen I make teh lunchboxes I scan the original motif, and put my picture over it, so that I just have to cut it out with a scissor when I print it. ( I find it very time consuming to measure and cutby freehand) Then i sand the top of the lunchbox, so taht the glue will have something to stick to. I adhere the photo to the box with relative much glue ( I use Glossy Accent, I think it's the best!) Make sure to get lots of glossy accent at all the ends, so that it don't loosen and water gets underneath. Then when the glue has dried up, I apply several layers of decopage varnish. The lunchboxes I give away I don't recommend to put under water for long time. But you can have the box in the sink and wash it, the lid is best to wash with a wet towel, and wipe it off with a dry one ine the end. One of teh boxes got soaking wet, and the photo got curly, but it actually went back into shape when it dried! Typical decopage- but I don't think the photo can do that trick so many times:)

My mom loved the box! The kids also made a one person theapot and cup with special paint... A ral good present ( no pictures of it sorry).

I also finished a very nice project! It was in the French scrapbookmagazine I bought this summer on my holiday!
It's not quite perfect, but still so adorable! I used basic grey paper and a paper shopping bag of Oilily! they are so cool colorful and special!
I AM SURE TO TRY MORE OF THESE PAGES! credit for the page design to: Catherine !

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Knutselfreak zei

Wat een leuk cadeautje voor je moeder. En nog gefeliciteerd. Ga vanavond gelijk kijken naar RTV...ben wel benieuwd. En je LO is weer schitterend. Moeten toch maar een een keer afspreken.
Liefs, Selma